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The Surgeon

My foot was feeling
very sore,
It took a while
to get help for

It was getting so
I barely wore my shoe,
Just hurt, hurt, hurt
Didn’t know what to do

Then I heard of this doctor
The said he was good,
I wondered a bit
But that’s understood

I said what!
What should I do?
They say, go and see
If he can help you

So I went to his office
Feeling kind of low,
It was the only place
I was told to go

When I met him
He was very nice
seemed like a regular
every-day guy

He said, how can I help you
I said, it’s my toe,
He said, let’s take a look
And then he did so

He said, I can fix that
Make it look like new,
And guess what,
That he did do.

Now, I’m so happy
I can jump and shout
“God Bless” this young man
For helping me out

And in the future
As I look at my toe,
I thank “God” above
For Doctor Paul Mayo.

“God Bless You”
– Dorothy Crisp