Pre-Operative Instructions & Information

The night before surgery:

  1. Have a light evening meal before 8PM.
  2. ONLY IF THERE ARE NO OPEN WOUNDS: Soak your feet/foot in warm soapy water and scrub with a scrub brush for 10 minutes, paying special attention to the nails and between the toes. Rinse with rubbing alcohol and dry thoroughly.
  3. Put on freshly laundered white socks for the night. Do not remove; wear them to the surgery center the day of your surgery.
  4. Retire early and get a restful sleep.
  5. No food or liquid after midnight.

The day of surgery:

  1. Do not eat or drink breakfast.
  2. If you take medication for heart or diabetes ask your Dr. for instructions.
  3. Please arrange for someone to drive you home upon your release.
  4. You will be given a special post-op shoe at the center to wear home from your surgery and for the next several weeks

Post-Operative Instructions

Keep the bandages clean and dry. Do not remove the bandages. The doctor will change them for you at your next visit. If the bandages should become wet, loose, or dirty, please call the office at (559) 636-3668.

Apply an ice pack on top of dressing several times a day. At least 15 minutes each time. A frozen bag of peas works well for this.

Your doctor will give you a prescription for pain medication to be filled prior to your surgery date. Fill the prescription but do not take any prior to surgery.

Take all post op medication as prescribed by the doctor.

If prescribed, wear your post-op shoes or walking cast whenever you are standing or walking.

Avoid prolonged walking or standing. You should get plenty of rest with your foot elevated to the level of your bottom while sitting. If it hurts, get up.

When lying in bed, you may wear the post-surgical shoe to bed. A pillow under the covers at the food of the bed helps keep pressure off the feet. Keep blankets loose.

If you are wearing a fiberglass cast, keep your foot elevated. If you feel that your cast is too tight or too loose, call the office.

If your bandages feel too tight and/or your toes become numb, tingling, or turn blue, please call our office. Please note: bruising is normal in all surgery.

A small amount of blood on the dressings is not unusual. If you notice substantial fresh bleeding and/or redness extending up from the ankle, or a painful lump behind your knee or groin area – please call our office. Also, if you feel that you have a fever, or chills, call us as soon as you can.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call the office – (559) 636-3668.